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You may be here because you have “heard” about other people using power of attorney (POA) documents or it may have been suggested to you to create one to protect your own assets or the assets of another person in your family (usually an aging parent).

The official definition of an asset (or assets) is:

as•set (ˈaset)

A single item of ownership having exchange value.
The total resources of a person or business, as cash, notes and accounts receivable, securities, goodwill, or real estate.

So the idea of creating a POA is that you are preparing for the possible event of becoming incapacitated or otherwise incapable of handling your affairs (an illness for example) and you are officially assigning someone to handle your affairs or alternatively, you may have an aging family member that can no longer manage their assets like finances and real estate for example and so you want to assign yourself or other family members to handle their accounts for them.

This person, can then open and close bank accounts in your name, deposit or withdraw funds, pay your mortgage, file your taxes, collect rent from tenants or whatever functions need to be taken care of in your day to day life.

The Ohio Power of Attorney Form in a Nutshell

Unlike the name of the form, a power of attorney document does not require an attorney at all. The form is really just a written agreement that is written in accordance with Ohio’s revised legal code and signed between two people of sound mind that are over 18 years old.

The form details what kinds of legal and formal things that the person you are assigning can do for you.

The form has to be notarized at the time of signing

That’s it, that’s a power of attorney form in a nutshell.

The Ohio Power of Attorney Form in More Detail

Now here is where the fun begins.

There are a few different ways to construct a power of attorney form in Ohio and we detail each one very specifically in our learning center.

For now we will list the different kinds you can create with a brief description of what they are for.

  • Medical power of attorney documents give the agent the authority to make medical decisions for someone who cannot make the decisions for themselves.
  • Real estate power of attorney documents give someone the authority to handle real estate transactions, whether acting as a landlord or selling property after someone leaves the state.
  • Financial power of attorney forms give someone the authority to act on the person’s behalf in financial matters.

Basically, 99% of people will just require the Durable Power of Attorney Form for Ohio.

  • The basic form covers all of your “regular” daily functions in society as a person.
  • Durable because it remains in effect after you may become incapacitated (this is the main use of a POA in Ohio).

Because this is the most popular type of power of attorney form for residents in Ohio, we have created two versions that are compliant with 2013 Ohio regulations for you to prepare and download immediatey:

For those that need a form, right here, right now we offer the “3 Minute POA Form”

Quick Form

For those that need more specific fine-tuning, we have created the “detailed form”

Detailed Form

Changes to Ohio Power of Attorney Law

The power of attorney laws for Ohio were changed in 2011 due in part to concerns of financial abuse of elders. These legal changes went into effect in 2012.

Power of attorney documents executed after March 29, 2006 and were in compliance with the former Ohio code section 1337.18 is considered in accordance with the Universal Power of Attorney Act (UPOAA).

Ohio’s laws recognize power of attorney documents written in other states, as long as they conform to Ohio law. However, it is safer to draft a new, Ohio power of attorney document instead of assuming that the old document is valid.

A Warning About FREE Power of Attorney Forms

We see many visitors that come to our site lookig for a free version of the ohio Power of attorney form. While saving 5 dollars is always a great idea, in the area of legal documents, you are more than likely going to lose way more money than you sav by usig a “free form”.

Often the free forms are offered on unscrupulous websites that are mearly interested in your visit and offer forms that are outdated, malformed or otherwise not legally acceptable in the state of Ohio. The problem is, that you don’t know this until you need to rely on the form to have your business (and life) obligations met only to have the power of attorney form fail and be rejected by courts and institutions.

Worse, you can be robbed of all your life savings by the actions of your appointed agent weather it be intentional or accidental.

So please, wherever you obtain your power of attorney Ohio form, please get it from a reputable source ad insure it is up to date and complaint, not just “free”.